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“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso


Business Opportunity

Thanks to the Network Marketing Industry we have positioned LIMMITLESS to be one of the Greatest Business Opportunity Worldwide.
Network Marketing is one of the few remaining industries that enables people to get rich easier and faster than many other forms of opportunity in the world today.
LIMMITLESS has the right opportunity, all you need is the right motivation, right connections, and right sales skills to generate a lot of income through network marketing.

Getting started with LIMMITLESS is relatively easy and profitable, because LIMMITLESS as a network marketing company invites you to be part of a group of people (a "network") recommending quality Beauty, Health and Energy Products and a Mentorship Program to other people.

Financial Independence

Do you know the difference between financial security, financial freedom and financial independence?

Interestingly enough, not many people do! And if we were to ask a number of individuals from mainstream society, which of the three would they want for themselves most would choose financial security, as it is what they understand most.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but neither is it a great thing because who or what exactly is responsible for providing that (financial) security?

Just like the individual words themselves: Security, Freedom and Independence; financial security, freedom and independence, connotates three different things.

And depending on the context in which they are stated they will again have a different meaning.

So within the context of becoming financially savvy and financial education, this is how I define the three.

Three Different Things

Financial Security

Financial Security is knowing you have enough to live on for life or having a good job/pension/income that affords you a good standard of living.
Generally, when my peers talk about financial security it is relating to having a permanent and well paying J.O.B, albeit if one enjoys it or not. But what happens if one loses that job?

Many are now seeing the true reality of financial security, specifically via a J.O.B!

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is similar to financial security in that it can be transitional. I believe it to be the stage from financial security to financial independence.
Some believe that just because they are debt free they are, as a result, financially free, but of course this is not necessarily true.
Furthermore, one can become financially free because of a lottery win or having received a big bonus from work.

But what happens when the money runs out due to whatever reasons?

We have all heard the stories of lottery winners losing it all in a number of years! Why, because they thought the money would last forever and thus, got too comfortable with "financial freedom" rather than working towards financial independence.

Financial Independence

Financial Independence, on the other hand, is the ultimate and is about being independent of any and all external factors by making your money work for you rather than you work for money.
If the economy is up, down, moving left or right, you are able to sustain yourself. You have multiple steams of passive incomes and you know that if all goes wrong tomorrow you can create your wealth again.

Essentially it is a state of mind rather than a state of being!

Financial independence is what we should all be aiming for.
Individuals such as Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump are all financially independent beings.
They have all created wealth from nothing, and not only once, but many times over.

If you can create wealth once you will be able to do it again, as it is a skill not something based on luck!

Our business opportunity, LIMMITLESS is Your path to reach FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

The LIMMITLESS Compensation Plan Allows You to have
and UNLIMITED Income!

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Three Key Elements For Your Success

  • Unlimited Width

    Unlimited Width is Based on The UNILEVEL Structure

    So, what exactly is a UNILEVEL plan? well, there’s "Uni," meaning one, and there’s "level," meaning... level. So it’s a one-level plan, right? Not quite.
    So it’s called a Unilevel because there are no stairsteps, or stages, to transcend. Right? Everybody stays at one stage. Wrong again.
    Because there’s only one level of volume you need to achieve? Nope.
    One level of bonus percentage? Keep trying.

    Okay, it’s called that because your downline is level below the other!!! Bingo! We have a winner.

    Actually, Unilevel plans are, in general, the purest, simplest form of compensation structure.

    Our LIMMITLESS Compensation Plan has no width limits. You will be able to personally sponsor hundreds, or even thousands of distributors on level 1.

  • Unlimited Depth

    Earn What You Deserve

    There is no Width limit on payment, and even though, there is a limit on depth, (12 levels) it becomes "UNLIMITED" very easy due to a Powerful GLOBAL BONUS, The Global Bonus is transformed into a "Unlimited Depth Payout" Key Element.

    The more volume you, and/or your organization moves within the defined depth, the more you will earn. Occasionally, there is a small "number of active distributors" quota that must also be met to earn commissions from the Global Bonus, it means that everyone’s volume always counts toward your earnings.

    We also, have incorporated "dynamic compression" which enables an active distributor volume to reach deeper, previously uncommissionable, pay levels by temporarily moving that volume up over levels with inactive distributors.

  • Unlimited Income

    Global Bonus Pool

    The Global Bonus Pool sets our compensation plan apart from the rest.
    Limmitless pays out a percentage of the total commissionable volume generated by global company sales, everyone ends up on the same team.
    The greatest value of this bonus is what it does to your residual income.

    This bonus rewards sustainable business building and sustainable business building creates sustainable, long-term, residual income and that is a goal we all share.
    The Global Bonus Pool is designed to reward your personal efforts with income from our global growth, this benefit goes from one month to the next.
    This stability will benefit your home business, regardless of your rank.

    We will be closely monitoring it to ensure it creates the desired business model and rewards every member who seek to build a sustainable business.
    Remember... This is where true wealth building takes place.

Compensation Plan


    When a new member is enrolled with the GOLD package ($1,100.00) in Limmitless Resources Corporation, or with the Mentors Club Professional Package ($500.00)
    The new member becomes one of the Co-Founders at a Global Level.
    This benefit is included within your initial registration ONLY.

    The Co-Founder Member will receive 1 Position within this BONUS.
    (This offer/ opportunity is valid for a limited time only).

    There will only be 1,000 Co-Founder Members at a GLOBAL level.

    -Do not miss this exclusive Opportunity.

  • 2 - FAST TRACK BONUS with Preferred Customers.

    When you register a Preferred Customer on your first level, you receive 50% of the value of the package with which the Preferred Customer was registered.
    (The Diamond package is excluded from this Bonus).

  • 3 - FAST TRACK BONUS with Members

    When you register a new MEMBER, the Commissionable Volume (CV) generated by your registration package is distributed in 12 levels.

    All registration packages are included in this Bonus.


    Become a Global Entrepreneur in LIMMITLESS and your reward will be incomparable.

    With the Global Bonus Fund you will receive income from the efforts of all members worldwide.

  • 5 - Royalties From MONTHLY CONSUMPTION

    Monthly Residual (ROYALTY) REWARDS is when you continue to receive payments after the work is done.
    This includes royalties from books, movies or songs, and also the income that comes from network marketing in which you do not really have to be present to continue earning.

    Residual income comes from the construction of an asset (network business), which continues to pay you after the work has been done.


    As a member, in most cases you will find the products at 50% of the suggested sale value, thus allowing you to earn by doubling your money on the sale of these products or to save money if you buy them for yourself.


    LIMMILTESS has a team of professionals mentors through "The Mentors Club" Experts with different skills, and ready to teach anyone who is really looking to succeed.

    Continue to the following pages to learn about the benefits of "Education For Real Life" and how you are paid every time you or someone in your "downline" sells the mentoring program to family members, friends and / or all those who wish to acquire more knowledge.

Earnings - Disclosure Statement Compensation Plan - PowerPoint Compensation Plan - PowerPoint-PDF

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