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“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Network Marketing

Build Your Own Business

Limmitless is a needs-based business, by selling consumable products and services that every person and potential businesses need, we know the market demand for these products is growing every day.

Soon, we could be selling to billions worldwide, our business opportunity is greater than we can present it. No other business will be able to match our business model, while our broad assortment of products and expertise make us the dependable choice people can trust. As soon as members see the potential to grow in number and to earn extra money the expected growth will be manifested.


Over 18 million people (18.2) were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2014, with estimated retail sales reaching $34.5 billion, a 5.5% increase from 2013. The direct sales channel continues to experience steady growth, as more individuals generated more revenue in 2014 than any year previously.

2011 - 15.6 Millions
2012 - 15.9 Millions
2013 - 16.8 Millions
2014 - 18.2 Millions
and Growing

2012 - 76.6% Women and 23.4% Men

2013 - 74.2% Women and 25.8% Men

2014 - 74.4% Women and 25.6% Men

2015 More than any year previously.

Wellness - 30%
Services - 23.5%
Home and Family Care - 17.5%
Personal Care - 16.5%
Clothing and Accessories - 9%
Leisure and Educational - 3%

Official Network Marketing Statistics in the U.S.

The following are the official Network Marketing statistics in the U.S
that are going on around you.

(Direct Selling Association & U.S. Census statistics):

  • - Someone starts a new home business every 10 seconds (U.S.).
  • - 18.2 Million people working from home full-time (U.S.).
  • - Increasing by over 600,000 people per year (U.S.).
  • - By 2015, it is estimated that 50% of homes will be involved in the MLM Industry (U.S.).
  • - Average work from home income $59,250 per year (U.S.).
  • - 84% recommend working from home to others (U.S.).
  • - 20% of home based entrepreneurs said that their business grossed between $100,000 and $500,000 last year (U.S.).

If you thought the United States Network Marketing statistics were good,
the World-wide MLM statistics are even more explosive!

LIMMITLESS and Network Marketing

Home Based Business Entrepreneurs By The Millions are Becoming Financial Independent In Record Time

Network Marketing Holds The Key To Amassing Material Wealth

Are You Tired OF Trading Your Time For Money?

We Put The Wealth Building Power Of Leveraging To Work For You Through LIMMITLESS Your Network Marketing Company!

Based on recent surveys, home based businesses are quickly becoming recognized worldwide as the wave of a very promising and rewarding future.
Both government and industry reports show that ever increasing numbers of men and women are now choosing to opt out of the corporate scene leaving behind the daily stresses associated with traditional business models and making the choice to work out of their homes. In fact, the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that millions of entrepreneurs are now working at home in the US alone and growing by the minute.

Entrepreneurs from around the world are rediscovering the benefits of working at home. The continuously good performance of the economy followed by a change in lifestyles bodes well for the home-based entrepreneur. Combine that fact with the virtually "LIMMITLESS" leveraging power of the internet and you have the potential for a literal home based business empire.

Many people are catching on to the fact that, thanks to recent technological advancements, (the internet) the average person can now combine their career with family, opting out of the rat race to spend more time and place additional focus on restoring family values and take a more proactive part in raising their children while still earning substantial incomes.

The tremendous technological innovations in the past years have also made working at home far easier, much more feasible and far more rewarding than any time in history.
Our home based business model (network marketing) is quickly gaining recognition and popularity. The network marketing business opportunity is proving to be the rapidly growing choice of many home based entrepreneurs and could very well prove to be the vehicle that will not only enable you to achieve the level of financial success that you are seeking but also provide a sense of "Total" freedom and "peace of mind" that having your own home based business can provide.

The benefits of home based businesses are numerous, not the least of which is the ability to create a "Life by Design", YOUR design, and more importantly a "Lifestyle" that can be considered as 'Truly Wealthy'. Not wealth from strictly a monetary viewpoint as many perceive wealth, but the ability to establish and experience a sense of harmony and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

That's The Meaning Of TRUE Wealth

A Look Into The Past And The Extremely Promising Future Of Internet Marketing

Do you wonder what the future might bring in relation to the opportunities available on the internet, more specifically in network marketing?

In The Next Decade A MINIMUM Of Ten Million NEW Millionaires Will Be Created

World economist and New York Times bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer predicts...
In his new book The Next Millionaires that in the next decade a MINIMUM of 10,000,000 new millionaires will be created due in great part to the home based business boom afforded by the internet.

In his book, Pilzer explains how the internet has barely gotten started and how by taking advantage NOW of the enormous potential to reach and market to an entire world population with minimal effort, and for far less initial cost than traditional business start-ups, you can capitalize on it BIG TIME. Pilzer also explains why home based business entrepreneurs will be among the richest in our new economy and how you can find the greatest economic potential in this current "technology gap".

As Pilzer explains, "It will be a time when Americans and others from many of the world’s capitalist economies will return to their roots of individual family-owned businesses. And, with this return will come not just enormous personal wealth for those who get there first, but also will prove to provide as a result the restoration of moral and family values, the personal freedom, that come with owning your own home based business and provide a sense of security and "peace of mind" that come as a result of controlling your own income".

Based on these numbers plus the many other benefits realized as a result of having your own home based business, LIMMITLESS promises to be a viable and extremely rewarding marketing option with staggering upside potential for creating monetary wealth as well as provide unlimited personal freedom for those who make the choice to utilize it. With Limmitless you have the ability to reach such a large worldwide audience with minimum effort through the internet, with minimum start up capitol promises to have HUGE future potential for those that are willing to take the time now to do the work necessary that will allow them to capitalize on this extremely promising business opportunity.

A Look Into The Wealth Creating Power Of The Internet Combined With Network Marketing

As millions are discovering...
The best, most lucrative and rewarding opportunities today lie in working for oneself as a home based business entrepreneur. The home based business model is proving to be the most rewarding and fulfilling means to provide the financial resources necessary for achieving one's goals and still harmonize the other important aspects of life. That is assuming of course that certain "key elements" are in place.

Those elements are...

→ Your home based business is structured around doing something that you are passionate about.
→ You choose a home based business model that enables you to work on YOUR terms rather than allowing your business to work you.
→ You have the proper guidance and training that will enable you to achieve your personal and business goals.
→ You possess the willingness to adhere to and follow a proven game plan.

With the recent advancements in internet technology, Direct selling also referred to as network marketing offers the most practical context for doing so, for the largest number of people.
Let’s take a closer look at how and why network marketing is and has been proving to be such a popular business model, especially a network marketing internet business.

Network marketing has been around for quite some time, but when you add the power and convenience of the internet and network marketing together, you are creating an extremely powerful vehicle with the potential to create and enjoy EXPONENTIAL growth with regard to your financial portfolio as well as elevate your overall quality of life immensely in far less time than has ever been possible previously...

AND with minimum effort and upfront costs compared to traditional business start ups.

In addition, LIMMITLESS has leveled the field and enables ANYONE to become extremely successful in a home based business endeavor regardless of whether you have or do not have a formal education.
The LIMMITLESS business can be started regardless of where you may currently find yourself with regard to business experience and requires no fancy education.

The ONLY thing required to succeed in a HUGE way with network marketing and LIMMITLESS is a strong enough WHY and a clear vision as to what you have a desire to accomplish that will carry you there.
It does not matter where you look whether newspapers, business magazines, etc it is blatantly obvious that network marketing is the wave of the future.

In this new era of network marketing combined with the fact that there are BILLIONS of people who utilize the internet on a regular basis, the potential to achieve massive success for the home based network marketing business owner holds greater potential than any other time in history.

New Technologies Make Network Marketing More Powerful Than Ever

Unlike the old outdated traditional network marketing methods utilized in the past
Such as having to corner your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and family members, with today’s network marketing internet business, thanks to the power and convenience of the internet, the network marketing business owner of the future is now able to reach an entire worldwide population with minimal physical effort and can do so from the comfort of home with far greater reach and much more pleasing results!

When you combine the incredible and virtually LIMMITLESS power of leveraging afforded by the internet and network marketing together in your business approach, and are enabled to quite literally reach an entire worldwide audience in a matter of seconds, with very little physical effort on your part, the potential for accumulating tremendous wealth is increased exponentially over the traditional business models of the past and can be realized with virtually NO UPFRONT RISK.

Unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses that require huge amounts of up front capitol to start, the LIMMITLESS business opportunity can be started for a fraction of the cost. In addition, by introducing others to our business opportunity, you will be appealing to the more than 70% of Americans that are seeking or have expressed an interest in having a home based business of their own.

That does not even take into consideration the many other countries of the world that you have the opportunity to reach through the internet! Unlike traditional businesses which require you to spend large amounts of up front capitol initially, to advertise on radio, TV, and newspaper, combined with the cost of employees, the LIMMITLESS home based business opportunity, more specifically as a network marketing home based business, enables you to minimize upfront costs significantly, in many cases by 95% or more.

The Power Of Leveraging

To succeed in LIMMITLESS in a BIG way, it is important to recognize, understand and more importantly UTILIZE the power of leveraging.

What is leveraging exactly?

Leveraging quite simply means that you are not dependent solely on your individual efforts to create the income that you earn.
As an example let’s take any professional whether it be a Doctor, lawyer, accountant etc. In that type of professional field it is necessary for that person to personally perform the services to receive compensation for the services that they perform. In reality this is no better than a JOB.

Although this type of profession traditionally pays more than say an hourly job, it is still trading one’s time for money and as a result limits the amount of services that can be provided and as a result the amount of wealth that can be acquired.
The leveraging power made possible through combining network marketing with the convenience of the internet enables today's home based business owner to reach a worldwide audience with minimum effort and exponentially increases the personal monetary gains received dramatically WITHOUT having to do it all themselves.

IN addition, when combining the internet with network marketing, the home based business owner can quickly reap the financial rewards of having 10, 100, 1000, or even 10,000 others working in a combined effort reaching out to a potential audience of BILLIONS and assist you in exponentially growing YOUR financial portfolio rather than depending solely on your individual efforts. This combined with the fact that you are still providing those you partner with the very same potential to create wealth for themselves through their efforts makes network marketing a home based business well worth consideration

The Power Of Residual Income

Next let’s look at how the potential to amass great wealth through...
Internet marketing and network marketing is increased even more by adding another factor into the equation that you may not have yet considered.... Residual Income.
Many traditional business models have recognized and utilized the wealth building power of residual income for centuries but like no other time in history, but again due to recent technology advancements, continuous streams of residual income can be increased dramatically.
Residual income provides the home business owner the ability to benefit from income coming in on a continuous basis for efforts that are performed once. Unlike working at a traditional job where it is necessary to go to work each day and trade your time for money, residual income enables you to continue to receive revenue over and over again for efforts expended once without the need to expend any further effort.

Although you will more than likely want to continue your efforts to increase the channels from which additional streams of residual income will come from, any additional efforts are focused on increasing productivity, growing the business and adding additional wealth creation models, rather than merely maintaining the flow of income that traditional jobs and businesses provide. Residual Income provides the home based business entrepreneur with a sense of security, well being, freedom and stability long after the ability to perform the necessary functions to earn income has ceased.
With the LIMMITLESS possibilities made available today through combining internet marketing and network marketing into a single effort, the probability of success increases exponentially as does the home based business entrepreneurs wealth building potential.
Through the possibilities afforded by combining both of these wealth building factors at work for you network marketing has certainly become an appealing and practical means for hundreds of thousands to begin a home based business who may have never previously considered attempting any business of their own.

Network Marketing Could be A Win Win For ALL Involved

A network marketing internet business puts the wealth creating power of leveraging to work for you. It is a well known and proven fact that through the power of leveraging, vast fortunes are made in a fraction of the time than it would normally take with the outdated conventional business methods of the past.

There is absolutely NO QUESTION that vast fortunes will be amassed over the next few years by those home based business entrepreneurs who recognize and take action on what has been placed before them.

The potential is obvious. Now all that you need to do is ask yourself the following question...

Will you recognize and become a part of it?

Imagine and Envision The Possibilities

» The ability to reach a worldwide audience from the comfort of home.
» The opportunity to combine and benefit from the wealth building power of leveraging AND the power of residual income.
» The ability to restore family values and enjoy the time freedom that comes with owning your own home based business.
» The ability to run your very own home based business without all the costs associated with traditional brick and mortar businesses which require storefronts, expensive advertising campaigns, employees, etc.
»The freedom to do what you want when you choose to do it without limitation of ANY type.
»The enormous tax benefits associated with having a home based business.
» And MUCH MORE!!!

In Closing

There is absolutely no question that the best opportunities today lie in working for oneself as a home based business entrepreneur. Network marketing combined with the limitless potential of the internet offers the most practical context for doing so, to and for the largest number of people.

Spread the Good News

Of all the entrepreneurial home based business opportunities available today, LIMMITLESS is now emerging as one of the most important and will certainly provide the greatest opportunity to create substantial monetary wealth in the least amount of time.
We personally believe this is the single most important message you can be promoting to the public at large today. Doing so will most certainly provide a secure and prosperous future for yourself and those that you love and allow you the time and freedom to enjoy it.

One of the unique benefits of starting your LIMMITLESS business, is you can start the business today, part-time, with a minimal investment.

If the idea of assisting others in the area of personal development and life enhancement is appealing to you, LIMMITLESS provides an incredible and extremely lucrative opportunity to start your very own network marketing home based business, with the ability to earn substantial amounts of income quickly and for an extremely small initial investment considering the profit potential provided.

Our LIMMITLESS Business Opportunity provides EVERYTHING you need to begin immediately making your home based business as well as your financial and personal goals a reality.
In addition our LIMMITLESS Business Opportunity has an extensive line of products to provide un unprecedented value for achieving and maintaining real and lasting success in EVERY area of life.

LIMMITLESS provides you with a personalized readymade website which does all the telling, selling and presenting for you, leaving only the need to initiate your marketing strategy to get your site viewed by potential home business seekers as well as those who can and will benefit from our products and opportunity.
The LIMMITLESS product line ranges from personal development products to health, energy and beauty.

Take our opportunity and discover for yourself the potential available to you.

It can, change the entire course of your financial destiny and provide a significant contribution to those who are seeking to do the same.

It Really Is That Powerful.

Make The Choice To Discover That It is True For Yourself.